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Reio Games is a one person game studio, with a personal approach to the games developed. My games take inspiration from all the great games I have played since the C64, combined with my own ideas on what makes a great game.

My vision is to make games with a great atmosphere. Atmosphere that fits the game genre of the title. I strive to create a great background story to make the game stand out as something special. This helps to drive me to make the best possible games that I can.

It is important to me that the graphics, sound, music, and mechanics all come together in a cohesive manner that provides an enjoyable game experience. Whether I am developing an arcade style or a more complex project, I want the user to feel fully immersed in the gameplay experience.

Being from Denmark, I decided to use the old norse runic symbol of Rune letter R, when spoken it is "Reio", and the meaning of it is a journey. Reio Games is my journey to become a great game maker.

Søren Krogh Neigaard